Centuries handed, historical past grew to become legend,legend grew to become fantasy and for 2 thousand years the sacred artwork of alchemy handed out of all information, stumbling in on one of many stays of the alchemist tomb,future has chosen you to rekindle the misplaced artwork and revive the period of the Alchemist's..., Alchemy relies on manipulating and altering matter by utilizing pure power, that is known as Transmutation Comprehension, Deconstruction and reconstruction are three cyclic components of transmutation.  Hidden folks all the time had some descendants passing this artwork solely to those that had the capability. Be taught spells and grasp this artwork.
Press the form and slide within the the route of arrow You must match the form to the mapped place under as soon as crammed proper it should begin glowing Ace spells do some alchemy

Press the shape and slide in the the direction of arrow You have to match the shape to the mapped position below once filled right it will start glowing Ace spells do some alchemy


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