he object of the sport is to gather all of the golden scarabs on every stage utilizing the little sq. minions at your disposal, and the catch is that every of them has a special skill whenever you click on on them. Some can float, others can roll, or soar, and a few minions may also react to sure objects within the setting otherwise... they could be capable to smash by means of blocks, and all could be attracted (or repelled!) by lasers you may activate and off with a click on. To get them safely round hazards and have them attain every scarab, you will want to determine the right orders to hit switches, transfer blocks, and extra.
Utilise the distinctive talents of various block-headed characters and work together with switches and levers to gather all of the golden beetles in every stage.

Utilise the unique abilities of different block-headed characters and interact with switches and levers to collect all the golden beetles in each level.


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